Procedural Content Generation for Unity Game Development by Ryan Atkins (author), 2017, Book, PACKT Publishing. I have been a technical reviewer of the book.

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Agent-based procedural quest generation for a role-playing game by Till Riemer, 2015, Master Thesis, IT University of Copenhagen. Graded A

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A Procedural Approach for Infinite Deterministic 2D Grid-Based World Generation by Tanel Teinemaa, Till Riemer, Noor Shaker 2015, Research Paper, Proceedings of FDG 2015

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Mobile robot control using Bluetooth Low Energy by Till Riemer, 2012, Bachelor Thesis, Turku AMK

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Real-time neuroevolution of augmenting topologies in Doom 3

by Kasper Appeldorff, Andrea Catalini, Till Riemer, 2015, IT University of Copenhagen


Evolving Flappy Bird agents using Neuro-Evolution

by Trond Glomnes, Vinicius Pinton, Adan Silva, Till Riemer, 2014, IT University of Copenhagen


Best-practice processes for system development projects – quality aspects in software development

by Andreas Aigner, Christian Gutschier, Till Riemer, 2013, TU Vienna