PlatLE is a light-weight, multi-platform 2D platformer engine, featuring a graphical level editor with item & character placement, animation state machines and ready-to-use physics & gameplay systems. The engine is written in C++ utilizing SDL and was created by me as part of a university course project. The level editor has been created using Unity’s UI tools and C# as a side project.


Doom 3 Evolutionary AI Mod

As part of a university course and in a team of 3, we created a mod for Doom 3 using the idTech 4 engine and C++. The mod utilizes the NEAT algorithm (Neuroevolution of Augmenting Topologies) to evolve populations of zombie hordes to fight against the player, by teaching them how to detect, move towards and attack the player in 3D maze environments. The findings of the project resulted in a research paper.



CracX is a fast, open source file decryption tool that supports Brute-Force and dictionary methods to crack archive files via the 7-zip and WinRAR command line interfaces. It also supports the execution of other software via command-line parameters. It was written by me as a hobby project in Java / Swing and to-date has more than 50.000 downloads.